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New Limited Edition Prints
Miniature Schnauzer Limited Edition Print by British Artist Roger Inman
Miniature Schnauzers - April 2007
"A Lesson in Comportment"
Bloodhound Limited Edition Print by British Artist Roger Inman
Bloodhounds - April 2007
"Head Study "
Bichon Frise Limited Edition Print by British Artist Roger Inman
Bichon Frise - April 2007

"Head Study "
"To the Manor Born" Limited Edition Print by British artist Roger Inman
Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) - May 2006
"To the Manor Born"
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Roger's paintings of dog breeds in their natural settings win persistent acclaim in the UK and the USA. Each breed's temperament and history are illustrated in Roger's spontaneous and action-packed presentations.

Roger spent ten years traveling to various parts of the world as a landscape and seascape artist. During this time Roger developed his striking ability to use light, form, and composition to render truly magnificent canvases. These effects contribute to the success of his current dog paintings, available as originals and as limited edition dog breed prints.

Today, Roger is creating his splendid landscapes as informative backgrounds for his exciting dog breed art-dogs that seem to live and breathe.

Roger was born in West Yorkshire where he attended art school and then traveled to Florence to study the techniques of the Old Masters. From there he moved on to Spain and Africa, returning to England in 1985 after 10 years of study and painting.

Roger's Watercolor is prized by dog print and original collectors around the world.

Sold Out Prints

"View of the Majority"
Border Terrier

"Lion at Bay"
Rhodesian Ridgeback

"Perilous Day Outdared"
Rhodesian Ridgeback

"Ridgebacks Closing"
Rhodesian Ridgeback
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